About the Artist

KSR_headshotKathryn S. Renta is an award winning artist and recent immigrant to Colorado where she survived her first winter–virtually unscathed. She grew up in California with a vivid imagination and unquenchable curiosity. With an equally intense fear of blank pages, she set about to fill up every single one she could. That included sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, random bits of paper and the wall behind her childhood bed.

At the tender age of 21, she broke her mother’s heart by running away to join the the Renaissance Faire, where she learned the incredible craft of mixing entertaining with education. She has since quit the stage to focus more effectively on her art and writing.

In addition to 15+ years as a graphic artist and illustrator, her work includes over a decade of lettering comics for Viz Media, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and several independent publishers.

You can also find her at: